Lancaster’s Veralee


Starburst has given us another outstanding female … with help from her multi-champion sire, Lancaster, of course! This young female’s fiber is outstanding (crimpy, fine, very long staple with coverage to her toes) and she has begun to get recognition by the judges. Unshorn as a cria, Judge Safley described it best when he noted that once you got below her cria-tipped surface she had wonderful fiber underneath so now shorn, we anticipate she will do even better! She placed 5th in a class of 14 at the 2009 Empire where the judge stated that the entire class was top quality and the placements were very minor differences between the fleeces. The judge particularly liked her fine, uniform fleece with little guard hair and soft handle.

  Awards Received
2009 EAE – 5th out of 14 in halter
2009 NE Alpaca Show – 6th out of 13 in halter
2009 NAAS – 5th out of 13 in halter