Our Story

We were introduced to alpacas in the summer of 1998 when Ed came home one day with a picture and short article about alpacas. We looked at the picture, read the article, found an alpaca farm a few miles from home, and arranged a visit. Meeting the alpacas started our quest to find out as much as we could about these wonderful animals.

Over the next few years we visited alpaca breeders, attended seminars, and went to alpaca shows, all the while trying to expand our knowledge. We even volunteered to help breeders with their alpacas and participated in shearing, giving shots, trimming toe nails, halter training prior to shows, and general clean-up chores.

Once we made our decision to become alpaca breeders we also made an equally big decision: we would move from the Kansas City metropolitan area to a small town in Vermont to start our farm. No sense in sticking your toe in when you can jump right in the water!!!

We found a 100 acre farm that had not been cared for over the last few years, but that was in a spectacular setting at the foot of the Green Mountains and with a great view of the Adirondack Mountains. It also had woods, 65 acres of pasture, and a brook that ran down one side of the property. One of the features that we especially liked was that it was just a little over a mile off a major highway with easy access via paved roads, yet somewhat secluded.

We bought the property in 2000, tore down a dilapidated farm house that had been poorly repaired following a fire, built a new house, built a barn, built a pond, and fenced the paddock areas adjacent to the barn. We played a very active part in all of this …as you might guess we really enjoy working on projects together.

In the fall of 2002 we purchased our first alpacas; two pregnant experienced females with a young male. Somebody had to have experience when it was time for birthing! Over the next few months our herd grew through purchases and births. Today we are the proud owners of thirty alpacas and growing.