The Mama Jude Not Known to Everyone

December 6th, 2017

Yes, Mama Jude was a cantankerous ol’ girl with a well deserved reputation for spitting! But after a conversation with my niece I recalled the Jude few knew.

Occasionally folks from Project Independence, an adult day care center nearby, would visit the alpacas. On one visit a very elderly woman in a wheelchair wanted to see an alpaca up close. I guess Mama Jude knew this and approached the woman. The woman did not see very well and proceeded to gently rub Mama Jude all over the face to “see” her. Horrified, we held our breath, hoping that just this once, the ever famous Jude spit did not come. And much to our relief, it didn’t! She just knew. Jude seemed to have the same tolerance for little “beings”, human and Camelid alike, accepting their interest in her.

Jude had her 2nd cria on the farm in 2004 … the also well known Princess, as she truly lives up to her name. On day 5, Princess became very sick and several times we almost lost her. Her treatment, among other things, included an IV and also some sort of attention, medicine or otherwise, every hour. The barn just would not work so up to the house she came. For 10 days, she lived in our mudroom bathroom until she was finally well enough (I’m sure our vet even today thought her survival was a long shot).

After 10 days, we took her back down to the barn, not knowing what to expect. Well, you never saw a more excited mama! I still remember the noise Mama Jude made! And even after 10 days, Jude never missed a beat nursing her cria. Those old import girls are worth their weight in gold!

And in exchange for returning her lost cria all healthy, Jude tolerated us for the rest of her time with us! RIP, Mama Jude.